The Big Question

Everyone realises the importance of lowering carbon emissions, recycling and significantly reducing waste. We all have a greater responsibility in helping to protect our planet.

Businesses, in particular, are coming under increasing pressure from the government and consumer groups alike to implement and adhere to “green” practices.

The printing industry faces many challenges in this regard. Screen Offset Printing has long been committed to minimising our environmental impact across a wide range of our operations; from our choice of printing press and printing products through to the day to day staff practices and production.

For over 25 years, we have been providing premium printing, digital pre-press facilities and associated services to a vast portfolio of Australian and international clients.

The big question was - how could we better adhere to the environmental concerns, yet not compromise on our printing quality and efficiency?

Screen Offset Printing’s basic environmental policies have been that; We consistently pursue improvements, such as saving energy and other resources, reusing, recycling and reducing all waste from corporate activities.

Promote environmentally friendly printing presses and equipment and practice green purchasing. We are reducing emissions of hazardous chemical substances and striving to prevent pollution.

We continuously reduce environmental loads. We are committed to communication with customers and related companies to aid environmental protection.

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