Screen Offset Printing Achieves Environmental Management System Level 3 & Colour Management Solution Accreditation


Screen Offset Printing awarded the Queensland Printing Industries Association 2012 Environmental Management Award!!

It is with great pleasure and pride that Screen Offset Printing informs you of having recently achieved certification of its Environmental Management System (EMS) to Level 3. This certification system, ‘Sustainable Green Print’ (SGP), is industry specific and closely aligned to International Standard 14001 (ISO14001). This system has been devised by the printing industry's representative body ‘Printing Industries Australia’ with financial support by the State Government, and is seen as a more relevant process of accreditation to the printing industry than the generic ISO14001.

In achieving certification, Screen Offset Printing has had to demonstrate a complex documented system of continual improvement and rigorous monitoring of the raw materials used in manufacture, a reduction of waste to landfill and the development of recycling streams to minimize the overall environmental footprint.

Screen Offset Printing’s recent press purchases were made with the Environmental Management System in mind. These presses are energy efficient and able to accommodate alcohol free and vegetable oil based printing which adds credence to the overall methodology about 'doing the right thing' when it comes to the environment.

Screen Offset Printing has implemented strategies to save on energy consumption and has installed water saving devices and fixtures throughout the plant.

Screen Offset Printing’s recycling streams consist of:

  • Waste Paper
  • Printing Plates
  • Ink containers
  • Plastics
  • Ink cartridges
  • Cleaning Cloth (now fully laundered)

Screen Offset Printing’s goal is to continue to promote the use of environmentally accredited products and to strive to achieve more recycling streams to eventually result in the sending of no waste to landfill.

Screen Offset Printing’s 'EMS' is a continual improvement system. It is externally audited every twelve months by an accredited contractor.

Screen Offset Printing believes its customers and business partners want, and deserve, to deal not only with a supplier capable of producing a quality product, but with a business aware of its environmental responsibility to the wider community in its pursuit of business viability.

Screen Offset Printing’s commitment to the environment is ongoing. Some of the systems put in place to date have already gone beyond Level 3. The SGP logo, with the relevant certification Level, will now appear on all Screen Offset Printing’s printed and electronic communication.

Screen Offset Printing looks forward to working with you in its endeavor to be a ‘clean’ and ‘green’ supplier to you for all of your printing needs.

Any enquiries or comments in this regard would be welcomed.

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